The State of Community Management survey - a business lens on community


Hi everyone,

It’s been interesting following the discussions here as a former journalist and current community researcher.

With that second hat on, I wanted to invite community managers here to participate in The Community Roundtable’s State of Community Management Survey. It’s an annual survey of organizational communities, and it might give some people here the chance to look at community through a different lens, one that has consistently adopted among organizational communities.

We’d love to collect some data from here - and in exchange for 20-25 minutes you’d get a chance to see how your community scores in strategy, leadership, culture, community management, policies and governance, content and programs, tools and metrics. (We’ll also send you a coffee gift card as a token of our thanks.)

I’d love to hear feedback from anyone here who does take the survey, as well. We release an annual report on the research in May each year.

FInd the survey at - and thanks!

All the best,
Ted McEnroe
The Community Roundtable