User permissions and roles



I’d like to know if there is some doc about the users permissions and roles. Which role (Admin, Commenter, Moderator, etc) can do what?



Hi Leeandroo,

Staff = badge only, no moderation ability
Moderator = ability to configure individual articles, moderate/feature comments, ban/suspend users
Administrator = all of the above plus ability to change site-wide configuration

Let me know if any of that isn’t clear!



What kind of individual articles can moderator configure? Is this for wordpress posts?

Moderator = ability to configure individual articles


Hi Pedro

When you’re on an article page (of any CMS), there’s a Configure tab with options for moderators to change how the comments only on that page operate:


Thanks for sharing the helpful screen shot.



I had a related question. Is there a way to allow individual article configuration for only some moderators? For example, I want only the author of that article to be able to change configuration for that article, not all moderators.



Hi abby,
Currently roles and permissions are applied consistently across all articles or stories. Talk does not support different permission levels on a particular story or article.

Hope that answers your question!


Thanks for your reply.

Is it possible to create a custom plugin that would create a new role and custom permissions as a workaround? If so, what components would the plugin interact with?


@abby unfortunately adding a new role can’t be accomplished with a custom plugin. While we try to make a lot of customization possible with our server API, the roles and permissions functionality is so baked into the core of the Talk application that a plugin wouldn’t be able to override all of code paths necessary to add a new role.

Instead of a custom plugin, I’d suggest forking the Talk project on GitHub and customizing the source code to add the custom roles and permissions functionality that you seek. While we don’t normally recommend forking Talk (because it can create challenges with future version updates) this is one of those use cases, where that’s your best option.