What About Existing Comments


I see topics about replacing comment and sites that shut down comments but how are sites handling existing comments?

Some sites can have a history of good debate. Are they all lost?

Does the Talk Wordpress plugin have a way to handle the transfer from Wordpress to Talk?

A plugin to replace stock WP commenting with Talk from the Coral Project

If not, is there a way to also allow existing comments to show? I’m not that familiar with Talk but for the moment, it seems it completely takes over by force without any option to choose.


hi Pedro

We have an importer for comments from Disqus and LiveFyre: https://github.com/coralproject/talk-importer

We’d love for someone to map the WordPress schema in the same way (nobody has moved from WordPress comments to Talk that we know of, yet).

The other option is to place the Talk iframe only on new posts. That’s how the WSJ is doing it.

Hope that helps!



Hi Andrew

Good to know importer exists and there is an option using iframe.

I would like to give it a try. Where can I get more information on the iframe?

You mentioned WSJ doing it. I’m surprised they didn’t decide to import since they use Wordpress, no?

Thanks for the info!


Hi Pedro

WSJ used LiveFyre. And what you do mean by “more information on the iframe”? Talk sits inside an iframe on each article. You can read more of all our technical implementation in our docs:


Let us know how you get on!



Thank you for providing detail. I went to link and search iframe but no matches.

I am just user learning not programmer. Did I do something wrong?


Hi Pedro

Apologies, I misunderstood - if you want to know what an iframe is, you can google it - there’s a lot of good resources out there!

Best wishes,



Sorry for not describing better. Since there’s no importer yet, I do not want to completely remove existing Wordpress comments.

I would like to try the other option you listed. Where can I find doc to use Talk on new posts?


Hi Pedro

There are a lot of different ways to embed anything in WordPress, either on every post or on select posts. We don’t have any preferred path - nobody has come to us with this request before - but if you look in the plugin directory and in various online tutorials, you should be able to find an answer that works for you.




For anyone else looking to place the Talk iframe on new posts as suggested, I finally found the answer after some digging inside Talk

Login to Talk and then go to Configure then Tech Settings then copy and paste the code shown under Embed Comment Stream

Hopefully a better solution is added to Talk so comments are either synch with Wordpress or converted over.

Thanks @andrew_coral for your replies


Doing a data conversion of comments is fairly easy. Differences in Like implementations might lose information. I am not sure you even need a “bucket” for invalid content that didn’t convert. One guy could complete it in about two weeks time.

You can quote me on that, just don’t consider it a quote. Does that sound about right @andrew_coral?


It depends on where you’re migrating from - we have an importer built for some systems already: https://github.com/coralproject/talk-importer


You mean one *person, surely.


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