What can we do better?


Do you follow our work? What do you like about it? What can we do better?

Help us be more effective, and reply to this post with some thoughts and reflections.

Thank you so much!


It would be great to have Meetups scheduled. Having in-person discussions on the calendar would help us set aside time, put in some work and review beforehand, and prep questions and comments to cover during get-togethers. Putting faces to names is beneficial. As we’re starting to work with the code – making efforts to get the concepts into real-world use – an hour face-to-face can be productive time to discuss challenges and strengthen ties for when we’re not in the same physical space. Meetings can start loose and become structured and topic-specific over time. I’m in NYC and would attend and help find space if we graduated from a coffee shop.


How would you like the interactions to take place between these fora and the Issues discussions on github?


This is a great question. It’s one that we’ve come up against in a few contexts already.

The main difference I see is between discussion of ideas and the development of ideas (aka, producing documents). Forums like this are great for discussing ideas, but as soon as the focus turns to developing something of substance then places like github / google docs become much more effective.

Ultimately, we believe that community develops organically when people come together over subject matter in spaces. All three elements play a crucial role in forming the outcome of that community. To that end we are engaging everyone in various mediums and watching to see which aspects of the interfaces produce valuable interaction.


I’m so glad you’re interested ! We wanted to start things off slowly and deliberately by bringing folks in gradually. We will be gaging people’s interest and try to start mostly meet ups.

I agree with David about the uses of the forum and Issues. This is also where the we would discuss human interaction and best practices. The multidisciplinary approach to better communities